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I lost my best friend
All of the earth's light have snuffed
and all the world's love buried in the undergrowth
sweet music of chirruping birds have struck my ears a deaf note
bitter sorrow taste in my lips
but none as stern as the pain that is the loss of someone I loved
She an angel that strikes the mornings dim
and I a dullness in the fields that dwell without purpose
then she struck me in the eyes
when we met the world came to be!
for it was her who brought my life to glee
then she and I like the skies and sea
drove apart
and she like broken glass shard
my heart
O sweet love if you do not love me
then discard me before hand!
Alas now I stand
alone and unwanted
save for the Lord
and now I know- The Lord does not forsake nor leaves me!
fortunate still though sorrowful He is by my side
and what of her I wonder
perhaps in time the Lord will answer
for His plans are His and not mine!
:iconlesbian-harlequin:lesbian-harlequin 4 6
Above the scene of a pompous hill today
I went atop of it to pine for her sweetness- To partake!
The scent of sweet apple, peaches and freshly baked cakes
Where the skies bandied over whether to turn sweet lilac
to drape over the dull blue
or sour lemon to distinct light to its decor
Before its decision did it contemplate
An intrusion comes in between instead
where lazy petals count for dozens
upon the grassy ground
I uncurl from absent minded thoughts
for afar a stranger has
triggered a curiosity too strong to resist
He remained attached at a patch of ripe green grass
his back to my sight
I moseyed across to say hi
When he did turn so did my heart
for such a man only existed
on Mother Goose and Brothers Grimm
But there over there stands him..
As damsels delight in such company
My heart jumped ship from reason- mutiny
For which daughter of Eve
would decline such a thief
whose looks are so gallant
he stole all but my dignity!
His hair I must say
is not at all a cliche
as hay yell
:iconlesbian-harlequin:lesbian-harlequin 0 8
The Man of my life
Have you ever seen a man so true
the one who'd do anything for you
ooh I got something to say that will change your life
the way it did mine
You see I used to think I was all alone
I thought the world just a huge place
where I couldn't find a way to grace
But one day I came across a man in a dream
and I tell you today happiness inside
that tells me why
I praise Him alone on high
You tell me I will never stay in the dark
when I believe in You -oh yeah
when I believe in You- You take my hand and I see the light
like a morning beacon shining on- You my morning star
Oh yeah
You tell me You love me the way I am and I should love me the way I am too
You whisper to me plans
and I tell you what they might be
You tell me - "You'll see."
When I look at You
the whole world stops
and all the sounds as loud as a thousand speakers
just die away
I can lean on You anytime
I can count on You all the way
and You tell me yeah oh yeah that You are the way to go
and I praise God
That You found me just in t
:iconlesbian-harlequin:lesbian-harlequin 1 6
Some people say
Some people say
love can be a thousand things
and one
It's all about putting it in
the name of fun
It's good company
It has got to be
otherwise I would not be
at Your side
So they say
I have few good things to say
if I didn't feel loved today
would the world start to fade away?
It's a miscalculation
because I found salvation
In the One that can save nations
In Christ the Lord the Holy One
that God has sent
If the world was just a big apartment
we all had to rent
would you believe me
if I had to say
God has made a place
bigger than a penthouse suite
since our creation
Would you believe ?
The Lord God has great plans
for all the men and women..
Some would say love is
pretty much anything
mathematically it amounts to everything
but without the Praise we sing
for He is everything
The purpose for the halo I wear on my head
and the heart in me to sprout wings
and so I said
Some people say
love is a thousand things and one
but nothing is really anything like loving Jesus
for all He has truly
:iconlesbian-harlequin:lesbian-harlequin 0 10
An angel like salvation
Hey little mamma
you an angel
like salvation is
the way is Jesus is to my soul
with every smile with every move you make
my breath goes away with it
I gotta have you
say you see me
when I am in Sunday church
and they be singing them choirs
but I tell you I be seeing you there
blond hair
cute little bosoms
remind me of rose blossoms
I tell you it ain't right
but if we were anywhere else
I'd say can I have some of that
You got the dimples of a cherubim
you have a halo hidden in the curls of caramel brown hair
that smells sweet all the way here
your lips are cherry sweets
and if I told anyone they'd say I'm crazy
but I tell you it's serious- I saw wings sprout from your back
and flowers smell sweet above your feet
Oh I'm into you
honey sweet delight
you are my gospel
my praise and my sight
when it's too dark at night
You are the reason
why I go on my knees
to pray to God and speak to Jesus
Angels shoot their arrows and
they stretch above the skies
and I can tell you are heaven's eyes
I ca
:iconlesbian-harlequin:lesbian-harlequin 3 62
muh boo
U r d music 2 my heart
d right way 2 a perfect start
Yeah dats right
sed d coffee cup waiting 4 me evry mornin
sed d bed dat is 1/2 made on ur side
coz u get up earlier den me
when I get up I know u b down dere
coz I can tell when u r up
da birds chirp on the tree right outside our house
the one you told me not to
coz you said there'd be birds like our love nestin' right out there
wen I get down
I c u dere sizzling like d sausages n pancakes
dat look just as gud as u
I know I'd be feeling gr8t coz I noe u r mine
n I m urs
U gotta noe
though I dun say much
can't u tell when I touch
when I ain't happy wen u mad
U gotta noe
I wud +0( die if u be cryin
I tink I died a coupla 1000 x
dere ain't nuthin worse den
not havin' u
it ain't rite to wake up 2 a whole bed by muhself
wit no one 2 tell me
I gotta make d bed 2day
coz u got work to do
and I - though I would like to b the one
who brings back the cheese
u noe wid U I be whatever u want
as long as I get to be with you
U r d music 2 my heart
:iconlesbian-harlequin:lesbian-harlequin 1 48
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The kind of man a woman wants
A woman wants a kind of man
The kind that understands
that he has to do all he can
take her by the hand
tell her that she can use his platinum to spend
all the way
tell her that she can do anything
tell her he will help her spread her wings
tell her girlfriends they're welcome any time of the day
don't watch games when she's sad when she needs to talk
takes her out to walk when its gloomy
buys her flowers when she's sad
That's the kind of man
a woman loves a kind of man a woman needs
doe see doe
tell her she looks pretty fine
in pretty much everything
in shirts, skirts and jeans
tell her he's keen
on whatever she's fixing when he comes home for dinner
says it's OK to watch Friends rerun
cry over a movie they see over and over
A woman wants a man
who can understand
that she's a woman
she wants a man who can do more than he says
Most importantly
it's more important that honey to her tea
more important than the fact he's gotta shut up about what size her jeans are
A woman needs a man
:iconlesbian-harlequin:lesbian-harlequin 2 80
I love you...
There's a romantic story
where a man is in love with a woman
because she's everything he wants
Now he says he ain't that picky
when she walks by his heart misses a beat
and when she laughs it's like a romantic language only she can speak
that makes his legs pretty weak
he says she's everything to him
He tells her that she's the only thing he thinks about
twice a day
once when he wakes up and again when he goes to sleep
he tells her she is everything he ever wants in a lady
Her name fits like a pair of favourite jeans
She's the Saturday to his 7 day week
She's the title to his every song
on the radio
He swears in the bar with the fellas that
He can tell if she's happy or if she's sad
by the feeling in his heart
He tells the guys how he tells her
How Jesus smiles when he talks to Him
every night before he sleeps..
As the guitar strums so slowly
to the part where the melody
goes to the chorus
he wished he never grew inside of him a heart
But Lord He was kind but He didn't know
How he'd de
:iconlesbian-harlequin:lesbian-harlequin 3 4
Tuesday: On my way to work
I was on my out of Tennessee
with the tumbleweed winds
and the Eastern sun on me
As the sky lits up like a cigarette
sleepy eyes crawl out of their nest and beds
Then a thought or two springs like poptarts in my head
The breeze is a beach
and the heat is sand
Hit the corner of the street
hide the bunnies with the tambourines
but your name it seems to be
shifting on me
I can't quite put it like a compass with no arrow
life sure is weird down the straight and narrow
Pink butterflies come out in the wind
to built a castle in the sand
or bury me
I'll get right down on it eventually
Your name is out there
I can almost see
but the bunny suit hippie won't play for me
Circus music
and boardwalk feet
I'm on a fork
round about the mid of a mouth
but memory's gone way down south
No I won't play
coz it's a little rough
No I won't say
that's coz it's hidden now
A little earlier back
if you gotten on track
you'd realise a twist
a tumble in the swinging stacks of tires and back
When I wasn't forty th
:iconlesbian-harlequin:lesbian-harlequin 3 28

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Barbara David E. Dangerfield
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  • Drinking: h20
Oh the weather outside is frightful but the fire is so delightful, and since we have no place to go, let it snow let it snow let it snowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :music:

Red ribbons and some of them greens a little silver in between
them shoe box sized presents with them tags them doggies on them rags in front of that fire place sure sets the mood for a season to be jolly but some..SOME of us do forget the true meaning of this season. The season to remember a very awesome man who led a lonely life to save mankind who ignored him and abused Him. Though some of us are following Him, how many of us are willing to die for our friends let alone mankind? How many of us are willing to be humbled before our enemies who trumpet their arrogance and their world bound glory. Some believe that the only riches and glory is on earth. Ah but we remember at our moments of trial and difficulties that though we sometimes abandon Him too, He has never left us! nay ! Though we must always remember Him and His words! Rejoice for near is the time when He was born unto man! He is Christ, the Lord, the Man, the Savior, the Messiah..the one great blessing God has given  to us!

I'm so in the mood. Glory to the God on high!

Peace out


P.S Hey once, at church a priest once said ...Christmas is derived from two words Christ's mass :). I am not really sure what it is...but I'm gonna find out...:D. Peace!


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